A Photoshop workflow tool, built for icon designers.

Mac and Windows

Focus more on designing icons.

JetPack is a powerful Photoshop extension that's been developed with icon designers in mind. It features 4 exceptionally useful workflow tools that will not only save you heaps of precious design time but also enhance the entire icon design experience in Photoshop.

Photoshop CS5 minimum

Instant templates

With just a few clicks you're ready to start designing your next icon set with JetPack's instant icon template feature.

Raster to vector

With one click you can now convert raster layers into re-scaleable vector shapes using JetPack's powerful pixel trace tool.

Layout icons

No more time spent nudging icons around the canvas trying to space them out evenly. JetPack will do it all for you.

Dual view

Design icons up close for pixel perfection and view them at actual screen size simultaneously with JetPack's dual view.